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Mission Statement

 High School
will inspire students

to achieve educational excellence

a rich learning and natural environment.



Great Expectations for Learning with Self-Help, Respect, and Love

In the scenic and historic town

at the foot of Mt. Mimuro,

Chikusa High School cultivates students’ abilities and personalities

to achieve their goals in life

through ethical, physical, and intellectual education.

In this age of globalization,

Chikusa High School makes every effort

to open our eyes to the world,

thereby making a great contribution to the development of our country.

                                                     Principal's Message

Chikusa High School has a proud tradition of serving the far-west Hyogo area for 70 years.          
In that time it has developed a reputation as a unique school in a safe, caring and positive environment.   Students are encouraged to take full part in the busy life of the school, and participate in the varied sporting, cultural, volunteer, and leadership opportunities.

In 2010, our school was assigned as a secondary school under the close partnership with Chikusa Junior High School to meet the needs of the students and the community.   We also offer a wide variety of extra support for students.   Students with special needs and learning difficulties have the advice and guidance offered by our support staff to help them with their learning.

Our mission is also to provide our students with necessary skills and cultivate their talents so they can be accepted to the colleges/universities of their choice and be successful at those institutions of higher learning.   Chikusa High School is always trying hard for the betterment of the community.

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YOSHIYA TAKEDA, 18th principal of Chikusa High School


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The First Smartphone Summit in Hyogo Held

| by 教頭 vice-principal
On February 28th, we witnessed an epoch-making symposium, named "SUMAHO Summit in Hyogo" hosted and organized by an NPO "Hyogo Youth Services Administration (Hyogoken Seishonen Honbu)" at Hyogo Kenmin Kaikan, Kobe.  The purpose of the meeting was to introduce some progressive approaches in Hyogo Prefecture to improve information morals or netiquette, and to reveal the reality of the use of cellphones and smartphones among young people based on a survey and questionnaire targeting more than 2,000 students and children in Hyogo.  


The Student Council of Chikusa High School was selected as one of the best presenters of progressive activities in Hyogo, and the three students took part in the meeting to introduce the activities we have been conducting since last school year.  
The most thrilling 
and interesting part of the Summit lied in the discussion session by the presenters: elementary school kids, junior and senior high students.  The young panelists were so direct and honest to talk about their real use of their phones and devices that the whole audience was consistently surprised at their statements.  Among the speakers, our student, Mr.Moriwaki, showed the best initiative in the discussion and made the session very interesting and illustrative to get an image of the reality.  


Another key figure in the meeting was, of course, the coordinator, Mr.Kazuo Takeuchi, an associate professor at the University of Hyogo, specializing in student counseling and guidance.  His clear and outspoken approach toward the issue greatly helped us understand the core of the problem, and he was so skillful in inducing the opinions of the young people that we really enjoyed the lively give and take of the ideas in the symposium.  


It is clear that the first Summit in Hyogo made history, and we are so proud and delighted that Chikusa students were a part of it. 
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